Tālis /ˈtaː.lis/ (adj), the Latin adjective for describing “Greatness”.

Regatta sports are considered to be some of the most challenging sports in modern day. It requires participants to execute with technique, power and timing. It is a competition between others, oneself, and elements of nature. This high level of performance is the pinnacle of our brand’s mission.

Talis Crew understands the needs of high level athletes in training and competition. Talis Crew provides elite level athletes unparalleled, high quality athletic wear and innovative clothing so that you can perform your best.

Achieve greatness with Talis Crew.











Regatta fit and features, premium trims, 3D panelled construction, strategically placed PVP’s (Perspiration Venting Panels), and with great pride, carefully selected high performance fabrics such as SupraKomp compression fabric, Talis Crew sources and engineers top level clothing so you can perform your best.

Why Wear Talis Crew Compression

Engineered, powerful, elastic gradient compression fabric moulds around various parts of the body to increase blood flow which assists muscles to warm up rapidly for exercise, and worn post work out, to repair and recover at a faster rate compared to non-application.

Our team of dedicated athletes, and the Talis Crew designers have spent countless hours in product development. Understanding the needs of high level athletes in training and the studying the mechanics of movement specific to regatta, we have carefully engineered our line up of clothing to bring out the best in performance.

Talis Crew proudly uses “SupraKomp” compression lycra fabric. SupraKomp is high quality lycra spandex composition giving its users a powerful and supportive fabric that stretches and wraps around the athlete’s body. With quick drying, UV 50+ and antibacterial protection, SupraKomp is the result of several years of scientific development and stands out as a world leader in high performance compression fabrics.


The Benefits of Compression

The evolution of sports science regarding compression fabric has come along way. With proper design, combined with Talis Crew’s high quality compression fabric, this technology helps to provide the following benefits:

1. Increased blood flow circulation to the heart and throughout the body which rapidly warms muscles. This helps to protect from injury.

2. With constant and rigorous athletic movement, muscles become damaged. Talis Crew’s compressive fabric can help to minimize muscle vibration which causes fatigue to the athlete.

3. By wearing Talis Crew compressive clothing post workout, better circulated blood flow can help re-introduce the substances muscles require to rebuild at a faster rate. This leads to a faster recovery time.

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