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Road2Molokai Campaign


Join us over the next 4 months as we count down the race with our supported Talis Crews from around the world. The 2017 Moloka‘i Hoe is scheduled for Oct. 8, 2017.

Since 1952, Moloka‘i Hoe – the world’s most prestigious outrigger canoe race – has perpetuated one of the most important and historic cultural traditions in Hawai‘i and Polynesia. The Molokai Hoe honors outrigger canoe paddlers from around the world. Paddlers will test the limits of physical and mental strength, endurance, courage, determination and teamwork, all while battling nature’s most extreme elements. Follow Talis Crew’s Road to Molokai, follow our blog on medium.com, as we share their stories and journey on achieving greatness.

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San Diego Outrigger Canoe Club (SDOCC) was founded in 1983 by Ex-Navy Seal Dee VanWinkle, and very quickly emerged as one of the most prominent Outrigger Canoe Clubs in San Diego, California.

SDOCC has now developed into one of the most diverse clubs on Mission Bay, with members originating from not only San Diego County, but from all over America, Europe and the rest of the world. While our team consists of men and women whose ability level ranges from Olympic class athletes, to the recreational paddler, we all share the same love and passion for the sport of outrigger canoe racing and enjoy coming together, as an ohana. SDOCC prides itself on sending competitive crews to race both locally and internationally.


Hong Kong VRC Paddle Team is based on the south side of Hong Kong Island in Deep Water Bay and competes in outrigger canoe and dragon boat.

VRC paddlers have a love for the culture, history, and sport of paddling. Since 1996, VRC (formerly Island Paddle Club) has sent men’s and women’s crews to races in Hawaii and other international destinations each year. In 2016, VRC placed 3rd in the Men’s Masters division of Moloka’i Hoe. The future brings high aspirations for VRC Crews at Moloka’i Hoe. Follow Talis Crew’s Road2Molokai on medium.com/@Road2Molokai as we share their stories and their journey on achieving greatness. #VRCpaddleclub #R2M #RoadtoMolokai #achievegreatness #taliscrew http://vrcpaddleclub.com/


Cronulla Outrigger Canoe Club is celebrating its 20th year since formation, and has proven itself to be a powerhouse in the Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing championships with multiple State and National Championships being won in Open and Masters Marathon and Marathon Changeover OC6 events.

Further, many of its paddlers have achieved National Championships in OC1 marathon events in the open, masters and senior master categories. Team Cronulla is situated on the crystal clear waters of the Port Hacking River, south of Sydney. The men and women in the club are a tight knit bunch who have established a “never say die” attitude and a culture of hard work, selflessness and determination. Team Cronulla has adopted the shark as its totem, and each canoe is named after local and mythical sharks, including the Great White, Mako, and Kauhuhu — the Shark God of Hawaiian mythology. Team Cronulla lives and breathes the spirit of aloha, and is regularly welcoming visitors from near and far to its waters for a paddle. However, it can be assured that there will be a race of some sort in any paddle Team Cronulla takes part in, even if it is only “training”.